Back To My Future


  1. God Is Calling You

    Featuring Pamela “Rare Epiphany” Best & DJ Tone Fresh
    Based on 1 Corinthians 1:25-26

    Song: God is Calling You
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Eric Leon Mims
    Kelly Glow Entertainment, LLC
    G-o-d, Kelly Glow, God is calling you, God is calling you

    Verse 1:
    Who me? (who me) I’m just a regular chick
    Trying to get it how I live I do regular (uuh)
    Carry a Coach bag, with a wallet to match
    Go window shopping at the mall like ooh I wanna get that
    But up in Wal-mart about 4 times a week
    Cause I’m always forgetting something and their prices are cheap
    I go to work, do my job go home get something to eat
    Now tell me what’s so special about a girl like me

    God is calling you – Who me? Yes you? Who me? Yes you? Couldn’t be, then who?
    I don’t know man (they singing)
    God is calling you – Who me? Yes you? Who me? Yes you? Couldn’t be, then who?
    I don’t know man, I don’t know man, I don’t know, I don’t know man (they singing)
    God is calling you

    Verse 2:
    I’m just African, Indian born an American trying to understand
    Rhythms from the motherland through the eyes of Uncle Sam
    Educated Christian, Renaissance Woman this is who I am
    Struggling to overstand problems of my circumstance
    Still they talk about me just cause they don’t comprehend
    What it means to be me sometimes I don’t understand (it’s crazy)

    (Repeat Hook)

    Verse 3:
    Get baptized and then take communion
    Saved by grace through faith yes I am
    One of those who think you can be born again
    Try to do the right thing by my fellow man
    If somebody needs help I’mma give them a hand
    But that don’t mean I’m trying to lead them to the Promised Land (come on)

    (Repeat Hook)
  2. Money & Power

    Based on 1 Timothy 6:10

    Song title: Money & Power
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Joe Gus

    Want the money, want the power, want the money, want the power
    Want the money, want the power, want the money, want the power
    Want the money, want the money, want the money and the power

    They want the money and the power, money money and the power
    Money and the power, money money and the power
    Money and the power, money money and the power
    Money, money, money and the power

    Verse 1
    What’ sup with those Pharisees, All that drama over seas
    them terrorist don’t terror, me I walk with Christ that GOD
    Living all inside of me, where he at is where I be
    Call me God like GOD no weapon formed against me
    Shall proper people I’m a beast
    I’m a Queen like royalty got demons trampled under feet
    angels watchin over me
    Got visions dreams and prophecies, Thoughts that manifest to things
    Got legacy, destiny, God’s promises just for me
    Favored no apologies, Standing firm in my belief
    I’m walkin in divinity, livin in prosperity
    What you ask in Jesus name shall come to you just name it man
    What you don’t ask in Jesus name comes back on you so whose to blame
    Whose to claim that punishment what you do is what it is
    Like it or not, like it or not what you get is what you got
    I’m walkin in authority ask my God I shall receive
    It’s on the way yes I believe, got hopes in things I cannot see (Faith)


    Verse 2
    What’s up with them saints today, half my peeps done gone astray
    Watch lifestyles of the rich and fame, real housewives ain’t real my man
    Spent ya house note on platinum chains, whole life saving on diamond rings
    Tryin to keep up with Kardashians can’t tell the truth about the debt you in
    Tellin everybody how you ball out, back tooth rotten bout to fall out
    Spent ya last dime now you missin it, can’t even go see the dentist
    Wonder why you can’t get ahead in life, when’s the last time that you paid ya tithe
    When’s the last time you gave ten percent off everything consistent
    off every dollar that’s ten cents living off 90 I’m a witness
    when you follow Christ you don’t want in life
    All ya debts paid cause he paid the price that’s livin life feelin nice
    All you wanna do is work work work don’t volunteer don’t’ go to church
    Forget about God get ya feelings hurt, Material things belong to earth
    Stays here when you die so what’s it worth
    What the use stackin cash when you die somebody gonna take the stash
    Holdin on tight that useless, put your treasure where your heart is
    Living life abundantly that’s the money and the power I wanna see

  3. Rise Together

    Featuring Justin of Levytation Music
    Based on Jeremiah 49:14

    Song title: Rise Together
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Eric Leon Mims

    It’s Kelly Glow and Levytation, Let’s go
    Hands up let go (huh) (yeah) (we gonna rise together yeah) Hands up let’s go (huh)
    Hands up let’s go, up down up down up down

    Verse 1
    Now, here’s a little story I got’s to tell
    You never heard it before but if you did, oh well
    It started back in 2003, they put me on the cover page of the AJC
    If I knew back then, what I know now
    I would’ve said then, what I’m bout to say now
    You are the best there’s no one better
    Try to give up but I wouldn’t letcha
    The enemy tries to be so clever
    Thinkin you’re alone in this, whatever
    It’s you and me, me and you, together
    However many days it takes, forever

    Forget what you heard it ain’t true (repeat)
    Can’t get back to the top without you (repeat)
    You need me, I need you (repeat)
    I guess we gone have to rise together (repeat) Yeah

    Verse 2
    It’s God’s Work, Our Hands, our faith his plan
    Embrace reality
    Let’s talk the walk, walk the talk
    Talk the talk and walk the walk
    and why stop there, dig a little deeper
    One family means you all my people
    But could you handle that
    If white ain’t white and black ain’t black
    More like zebras livin in a habitat
    People around town talkin this and that
    But still we “Rise” like Maya Angelou
    Lovin you for you like we supposed to do
    we can’t get along but that ain’t true
    As the sky is green the grass is blue
    The future of the world lies in the youth
    All we got is time I’m waitin on you


    Verse 3
    La di di di di da di di di da di day
    It’s a better day when you come around the way
    Never the one lacking in fun
    Life is too short for that and I beez
    happy that I don’t have to go solo
    You only live once that’s the moto “Y.O.L.O.”
    Follow me everywhere I go
    You can be my Yoko Ono, I know
    Couldn’t live without you so, I say so
    I’mma tell you everyday so you know
    Everybody body, Move ya body body
    Use ya body to love somebody
    Just give it away, give it away, give it away now
    Let ya light shine bright in the world now
    I be the one to blame as the saints keep risin to the top
    And it don’t stop


    Risin to the top (St. Paul)
    Risin to the top (Region 9)
    Risin to the top (ELCA)
    Risin to the top (Everybody)

    Risin to the top, and it don’t stop
    Risin to the top, and it don’t stop
    Risin to the top, and it don’t stop

  4. Shake Em Down

    Based on Proverbs 9:8

    Song title: Shake Em Down
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Eric Leon Mims

    Like this, shake em shake em shake em shake em shake em Kelly Glow
    Shake em shake em shake em shake em shake em shake em

    Shake them haters down shake them haters down (boy)
    Shake them haters down shake them haters down (boy)
    Shake them haters down shake them haters down (boy)
    Shake them haters down shake em all around (repeat)

    Verse 1
    I left my bible at home do you have another
    I want to get lifted my brother
    Off that neurological metaphysical cosmic gnostic word of God that book of life
    That gift from God that keeps me right
    Keep them haters at bay trying to ruin my life
    Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success
    I shake em down in a minute ain’t no time for that mess


    Verse 2
    One for the money, Two is for the Show
    Three is for the light they call me Kelly Glow
    And everywhere I go them birds get to flockin
    When I shake em down the judge get to knockin
    Every case against me like I was Matlock
    But this ain’t Hollywood this is real Hip Hop
    Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People
    No cross without a crown No church without a steeple
    Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    I see you flappin jaws but I’m not hearing ya
    Cause everything you say is oh so negative
    You criticize my lifestyle and all up in my biz
    And I’mma play it nice cause I be the pastor’s kid
    Can’t steal my joy kill my confidence
    Understand the words coming out of this mouth
    First we stir em up then we shake em down


    Verse 3
    It’s a reason why sliced veins create red stains
    Blue blood is chemically changed with oxygen
    Like an encounter with Christ your life will change
    And when he come back in ya life you’re not the same
    I hella, hella Heart Jesus I’m not a saint
    For my mistakes in the past I’m not enslaved
    Cause with freedom from sin new life begins
    Them haters get to hating to box you in lock you in
    They only mission is to hold you down
    Wanna flip ya whole smile back upside down
    They pessimistic quick to say that you ain’t got no chance
    I be like Martin tell em “Pam, talk to the hand”
    That’s when the hateration come to a halt
    If I’m gone fail at something it’s gone be my fault
    I ain’t new to the circus and I ain’t no clown
    I treat em like a Coke a Cola pop the top and shake em down

  5. Doin'

    Based on Matthew 25:31-33

    Song title: Doin
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Eric Leon Mims

    Verse 1
    Aay, we on fire with light
    This little light of mines is on fire tonight
    Strike a match, touch the wick I’mma burn that flame
    Show the world how I glow in the music game
    Who bout that life, I’m a light in the night
    Night light shining bright Whoop flashing lights
    That kind that make you stop what you doin pullover
    El Sol brighter star that SuperNova
    Bioluminescence like a glow stick
    My light shines brighter when you break this
    Neon signs I flicker mines in fluorescent represent
    If you got a light, show it
    Throw it in the air let me see how you glow it
    Glow for God it’s the light movement
    Spiritual LED a new improvement
    Now come a little closer let me show just what we

    Doin – yeah
    (soldiers for light, it’s the light movement) and
    What we (doin) ain’t what yall (doin)

    Verse 2
    We do dat Smoney dance but keep it holy & clean
    We never rock a scene if it’s dirty obscene
    If the cash get low, I tell God about my needs
    No petty cash schemes he can do big things
    Run for cover hide ya face protect ya neck
    But nothing can save ya when his son come’s back
    Ya whole life will be wrecked like a head on collision (blaw)
    Eliminate you with precision surrender now
    If you sealed with the cross then you God’s child
    If you marked by the beast then you goin down
    Sheep know the sound, lost getting found
    Saved ones get his glory no doubt look out
    You either sheep or goat it’s so simple
    ain’t got no time to give a lot of info
    Goats they die, Sheep they go to Zion
    We keep it Crunk for Christ till the day we die on


    Verse 3
    Who can get crunk for Christ like mwa
    It gets raw but still livin by the grace of his law
    Life is up and downs like a broken see saw
    But keep his words in my mouth like the teeth in ya jaw
    Check the strategy buckin out the cavities
    Attack the plaque of rats trying to get at me
    I rinse em out like listerine
    Kelly Kelly I’m glowing my name is Kelly
    I got more angels with me than the ring tones on ya celly
    Play ya games but don’t play with me
    You rocking with the best in God’s family
    Devils you know they blind to the light that I bring
    Their ears fall deaf to the knowledge I sing
    OOOOOh get ready ready, I’m bout to take it over
    Let the light shine bright like a super nova
    You can fight the light push in the corner
    But the light’s too hype for you to push over

  6. Show Me The Way

    Featuring Pamela “Rare Epiphany” Best
    Based on John 11:25

    Song title: Show me the way
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Eric Leon Mims

    Verse 1
    Blind man sat by the road and he cried (repeat twice)
    Oh, Oh, Oh
    Show me the way, Show me the way, Show me the way, the way to go home
    Wonder what it would be like to have no sight
    Light shinin bright on my sensitive eyes
    All I see is sun rays red stars black haze
    Allusions of my third eye from back in the days
    My eyes in my hands so I see what I feel
    I can’t see the future till it happens for real
    But still keep my hopes up and look to the light
    Hoping the people I can’t see, see my potential inside

    I am the resurrection (uh huh) and the life (yeah)
    He who believes in me shall never die (repeat)

    Verse 2
    Deaf man sat by the road and he cried (repeat twice)
    Oh, Oh, Oh
    Show me the way, Show me the way, Show me the way, the way to go home
    What if I couldn’t even hear this beat couldn’t speak
    How would I tell what God’s done for me help you see
    He’s the one we should trust and believe for our needs
    Guess I could sign it let my hands make words you could see
    Vibrate vocal cords then try to speak
    All you hear is noise and stare back at me
    I stare back shake my head in pure misery
    Oh God, Lord God, My God why me?


    Verse 3
    Lost girl sat by the road and she cried (repeat twice)
    Oh, Oh, Oh
    Show me the way, Show me the way, Show me the way, the way to go home
    I just knew I would make it out to Hollywood
    Become rich & famous like I knew I could
    They all used to tell me I could sing so good
    That I could really make it up outta this hood
    But now all I sing is a song gone wrong like
    Ooooh La La La La
    The bed that I sleep in is never the same
    They just call me hun they don’t remember my name

  7. Anything is Possible

    Based on Mark 9:23, Mark 12:30

    Song title: Anything is Possible
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Eric Leon Mims

    Verse 1
    A lot of rappers claiming they the G.O.A.T. but we all know
    Most of them can’t rap to this
    They saying all you wanna hear is Trap is that a fact
    We can make em clap to this
    Got people runnin just to see the show for Kelly Glow
    They wanna see what’s happening
    He said the first of these shall be the last the last is first
    So I step by and let em in
    And just because I’m nice they think I’m weak it’s so absurd
    Really it’s the opposite
    I’m just an angel fallin from the sky living to die
    Till I can see his face again

    Trust, trust in the Lord with all your heart, you know
    Anything is possible (Mark 12:30)
    Give him all of your heart your mind and soul
    And he will give it back to you (Mark 12:30) Oh fo sho

    Verse 2
    Like better than before as if that was possible
    But with my God failure is no option no
    Visiting time for me is every Sunday
    But notice I’m getting all week to shine
    Giving him one day is fine
    Cause I’m showered with the Grace that the others have yet to find
    I follow Christ cause he leads me the right way
    And let the spirit guide the words I say
    When I was just a little girl I asked my mom
    Mama what will I grow up to be
    She said “Ke se ra” the future not ours to see
    But Kelly never give up on your dreams

    (Repeat Hook)

    Verse 3
    A lot of people start the journey strong then move along
    But most of them don’t finish it
    It’s like we wait until we get too fat to notice that
    Those skinny jeans no longer fit
    Are we too blind to see the truth inside our very eyes
    No I don’t think that’s really it
    We just ignore the signs walk on by the genocide
    Acting like it don’t exist
    You know the story he was crucified and then he died
    But that’s not where the story ends
    On the third day he rose to save our souls
    And one day he’s coming back again

    (repeat Hook)
  8. Glow

    Based on John 1:5

    Song title: Glow
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Eric Leon Mims

    Intro (The Light is on – translated into various languages)
    La lumiere est allumee (French)
    La luz esta encendida (Spanish)
    Mwanga ni juu ya (Swahili)

    This light inside must glow, glow, glow (repeat 3 times)

    Verse 1
    Hey if you like the sound
    You can turn up right here right now
    Them old folks say settle down
    We say no way no how
    Listen to me now I’mma get loud I’mma get wild let it all out
    This light in me
    Is itchin for a scratch let let me free


    Verse 2
    Glowin glowin with electric eyes
    Wanna see Christ look in mines
    Maybe you can see that better part of me
    Beauty inside let let yourself free
    Up in the sky that’s where I wanna be
    Me and you together you and me
    Get get with it with
    Filled with Holy Spirit
    Mary Mary said go get it
    I’mma go get near it


    Go head, let ya light shine, Go head let ya light shine
    Go head Let ya light shine, Let ya light shine, Let ya light shine
    Glow, Glow, Glow, Glow, Glow, Glow Glow, Glow, Glow (repeat several times)

    Repeat Verse 1

  9. Holy Fire (Remix)

    Based on the Apostle’s Creed

    Holy Fire (Remix)

    Verse 1
    Do you believe in God the father almighty creator of heaven and earth?
    Of all that is seen and unseen
    Jesus Christ his only son our Lord
    Was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit
    Born of Virgin Mary
    Suffered under Pontius Pilot
    Was crucified, died, and was buried
    Descended into hell on the third day rose again
    Ascended into heaven
    Is seated at the right hand of the Father
    He will come again to judge the living and the dead
    That’s what the bible said
    The Holy Spirit, Holy Catholic church
    Communion of Saints
    Forgiveness of Sins
    Resurrection of the body
    And life everlasting

    Say I believe three times
    I believe, I believe, I believe
    In the words of Apostle’s Creed
    God is one God in three
    (Let me hear it)
    I try, to do the best that I can with my life
    Because my faith through grace is justified
    By the one who came to sanctify
    Call it the Holy Spirit right

    Just blaze, Keep it hot, Keep the fire burning (repeat 7 times)

    Verse 2
    So many spirits that are walking this land
    Like the spirit of heaven, evil and spirit of man
    But only one is holy the spirit of God
    Take some time and think
    You’ll see it’s really not hard
    To see that God is one God in Three
    This I believe
    Let me break it down so you can see
    1 he’s the Father
    2 he’s the son
    3 he’s the spirit
    3 in 1



    Verse 3
    Don’t get it twisted when we say the Christian church
    We’re really talking bout the way the spirit works
    It’s not a church with a cross on a steeple
    Everybody’s the church the church is the people
    United in love with one mind and one faith
    When we gather together it’s a communion of saints
    And we remember our forgiveness of sins
    By the practice of two holy sacraments



    Say Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh (repeat)
    It’s getting hot in here
    It’s getting hot in here
    It’s getting hot in here


  10. Nervy

    Based on Galatians 3:26

    Song title: Nervy
    Written by: Kelly Williams
    Produced by: Eric Leon Mims

    Kelly Glow, The Light Movement, Back to My Future
    We had to let em know, Oh

    They say I’m nervy but I’m not
    I’m a child of God
    Come and test me if you want to try me if you want to (repeat)

    Verse 1
    I’m sorry what you want me to do
    Heh make it sound good or just tell you the truth
    I’m sinning everyday but I’m still livin proof
    If you magnify his name sin won’t control you
    I keep my nose up in the air cause I look to the sky
    From whence cometh my help cause I need Jesus no lie
    I’m just saying that’s my brother tho
    We ain’t even met before
    Still he got my back like Shaq wear them thermal wraps


    Verse 2
    No ballerina might just step on some toes
    Gregory Hines on that snot box means I’m tappin ya nose
    Come correct when you step to me, Fasten ya buckle
    Ha Ha ha with all that foolery I had to chuckle
    cause I know that I’m the best emcee
    To ever do this it’s not me it’s the God in me
    I know the truth is kind of hard for you to see clearly
    So I just shove it in ya face piece of cake
    Taste the icing hey hey hey


    Verse 3
    Tap into my family tree, you will see that the sap is filled with royalty
    No brags but my Dad is the King of kings, and his son is the one we call the Prince of Peace
    That’s why I walk around with a Lutheran Swag
    Unique flavor clean sneakers and a funky hat
    I’m tryin to tell ya, Jesus that’s my brother tho
    We ain’t even met before, that don’t even matter cause I know he got my back fo sho



Executive Producer: Mr. Eli
All lyrics written by: Kelly Glow
All music produced by: Eric “Mr. Excitement” Mims of F.O.A.B. Productions except Track #2 Produced by: Joe Gus of Nomineez Music Group
Tracks #3,6 Recorded & Mixed by Deshaun Glam
Track #3 Mixed by Kareem “K-Boog” Mills
Tracks #1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10 Recorded & Mixed by Don Bugatti
Mastered by RRFC L.A. Center Studios
Cover Art by: Go Media
Graphics by Wickad Designs
Kelly Glow Entertainment, LLC © 2015

Album Review

Kelly Glow does it again. She is back with another studio album. This project is called Back to my Future and it includes 10 tracks that all tie in with a Biblical passage. Glow’s father, a minister of the gospel, assisted her with the album title, inspired by her long hiatus from the Holy Hip Hop scene. Having taken time away from making music to focus on other pursuits, Glow realized that she had something unique to offer to this often underrated yet unprecedented genre of music. “When I started doing this over ten years ago, I was part of pioneering the current wave of Christian Hip Hop,” said Glow. “I was the future, a hope for what God could do with Hip Hop.”
Every song on the CD will not only tickle your ears with fresh, cutting edge beats, but these songs will stimulate your mind, raising you to a higher plateau of spirituality. A profound lyricist and emcee, Glow challenges her listeners to trust in God wholeheartedly as heard in “Anything is Possible”; she holds nothing back about the current state of Hollywood superstardom and pop culture’s fascination with “the lust of the eyes, the flesh and the pride of life” in her song “Money and Power.” Then Glow teaches us how to deal with the inevitable naysayers we encounter in “Haters” when she says they can’t steal my joy [or] kill my confidence. When we know who we are in Christ, we can live life calmly and godly without letting the “hateration” even get to us.
The highly anticipated release of Back to my Future is reflected on Glow’s updated website which encompasses her musical repertoire. She provided the lyrics and Scriptural references for all of the tracks to her discography. A few collaborations on the new album gave it that extra flair of hotness. Ms. Pamela of “Rare Epiphany” sang the hook on “God is Calling You” and “Show me the Way” while Justin of “Levytation Music” was featured on “Rise Together.” No doubt this body of work embodies versatility from the production to the lyrical delivery to the content. It will make you think, get “jiggy” with it and, most of all, build your faith with sound doctrine that pulls no punches. “Making songs guided by Scripture,” as Glow stated, has always remained at the heart of her ministry.
No longer on sabbatical, this gifted holy hip hopper has returned to what she’s been anointed and appointed to do: minister the Good News through Christian (H)igher (I)nfinite (P)ower (H)ealing (O)ur (P)eople. And that she does oh so well! Please support this talented young “Renaissance woman” of God by purchasing the album. Charles McKinney