Ready for War

Kelly Glow - Ready for War


  1. Only 1 for Me
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    Verse 1
    Do you recall when we first met I couldn’t forget
    Fell in love right away didn’t even know ya name yet
    But it was something bout you the way that you move
    That made wanna get to know how you do what you do
    You were so smooth everybody stood
    dead in they tracks when you stepped in the room
    It was magic with every step you took
    So I walked by just to get a closer look
    Nothing in this world could compares understand
    To that special moment when you grabbed my hand
    The electricity flowing through to me
    Was enough energy to start a dead battery
    Froze from my toes to the tip of my nose
    My eyes captivated by your radiant glow
    Yes I know we aren’t involved just yet
    But I do want you to spend my life with

    Hook: You’re the only one for me (repeat)

    Verse 2
    Yeah I tried with them other guys
    Wondered why all I got was a bunch of lies
    Living my life with the pain buried deep inside
    Held it in just cause I was too big to cry
    And I just couldn’t never let em see me sweat
    Heart yearning for the love I would never get
    brothers steady tried to play me like roulette
    Then I’m tripping flipping out and getting all upset true
    But it was you kicking them to the curve
    Telling me to get someone who I would fully deserve true
    It was you who in just one day showed me all of your love in a million ways so
    Unless you tell me no I would never let you go
    Even if time stopped and didn’t tick no mo
    You the one for me the only one I need
    If somebody try to step I’ll tell em playa please


    Verse 3
    I had to cry just to open my eyes so I could realize
    what you mean to me who you are to me
    how you sent your only son so he could set me free
    I had to feel pain just to understand joy
    I had to maintain stop flirting with those boys
    Before I had you in my life my heart was shattered
    Now that I got you in my life it’s like nothing else matters
    It’s like abracadabra my pockets keep getting fatter
    It’s like haters irate and they hating and getting madder
    It’s like I got the hook up everything I need
    I got the biggest baddest baller shot caller up on my team

  2. Think It Over
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    Hook: Think it over fore you lose your mind go insane better call on Jesus (repeat 3 times)

    Verse 1
    People of the world living to die trying ways of the world who wanna know why
    It’s so hard just to try to get by with videos and magazines telling you to be fly
    You rob and steal to get a new amp when somebody can’t afford a 37 cent stamp
    But see they living and they living in peace while you going crazy cause you carry a piece
    And paranoid haven’t slept for days talking about bad luck keep coming my way
    Well hell will never even ever get cold I think you better think it over fore you lose control


    Verse 2
    You better think it over fore you lose your mind go insane better call on Jesus
    Cause nowadays it’s getting harder to see when all you wanna hear is prosperity
    That’s not the way the church should be show me reality not religious insanity
    Trust in the son of God he can’t be swayed not a TV preacher who wants to get paid
    To hug to love to share to care to live to give to God should be your hearts desire
    To hug to love to share to care to live to give to God should be your hearts desire


    Bridge: think it over, think it over, think it over ‘fore your lose ya mind (repeat 3 times)

    Think it over fore you lose your mind go insane better call on Jesus
    You can page him, you can two-way, on ya celly dial, or just shout it out (uh huh)
    Think it over fore you lose your mind go insane better call on Jesus
    You can page him, you can two-way, on ya celly dial, or just shout it out (uh huh)
    Think it over now, think it over now, think it over now, you want his number now, 777-7777 dial
  3. Right or Wrong
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    Verse 1
    Do you believe in God the father Almighty Creator of heaven and earth of all the is seen and unseen
    Jesus Christ, his only son our Lord was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit
    born of virgin Mary
    suffered under Pontius Pilot was crucified died and was buried
    Descended into hell on the third day he rose again is seated at the right hand
    Of the father he will come again to judge the living and the dead that’s what the bible said
    For he so loved the world he gave his only son whoever believe will not perish but live forever
    He can make the sun shine through stormy weather he will never leave you alone
    Whatever you do right or wrong stay strong the Lord is with you
    Go tell it on a mountain there ain’t nothing he can’t do

    right or wrong left or right pros or cons in or out
    make a choice take a stand show em what you all about
    he’s not the only choice but he’s the only way
    he’s not the only choice (no) but he’s the only way (repeat)

    Verse 2
    You see this little light of mine I’m gonna let it shine
    I’m gonna let it glow let everybody know
    A good deed a day keeps the evil away
    Easily we run astray temptation leads the way
    But no cross no crown no matter how sweet the sound
    If your soul is lost it needs to be found
    Cause thou shall not kill and thou shall not steal
    Low God is with through the valley of death
    He’ll be your friend when there’s no one left
    We we’re born into sin without help we can’t win
    But when you’re born of the spirit then you’re born again
    Justified by our faith through the grace of God
    The evils of this world make being Christian hard
    If you’re in a situation sticky like jelly
    You can change the words to that song by R.Kelly
    I don’t see nothing wrong with keeping Jesus on your mind


    Verse 3
    When evil persists you gotta resist
    If you really wanna get a chance on God’s list
    Cause when them saints go marching in
    That’s how you know that his kingdom will never have an end
    If the choice is right or wrong and temptation is strong
    You study your word all day every day
    Even when you work even when you play
    Take a minute to pray remember he’s the only way
    No matter what they say they’ll try to pull you away
    And get you all mixed up into their ugly ways
    But we’re preparing for that glorious day
    When the savior returns to eliminate hate
    Nobody said it would be a piece of cake
    We’re living by example so I demonstrate
    How a down like sista by the name of Kelly Glow
    Represents for God and lets her light show

  4. Ready for War
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    Verse 1
    I take some time just to close my eyes
    Meditate clear my mind dig deep inside
    To find my innermost drive untie negative ties
    Then I,I,I,I I disguise myself as a member of the darkest side
    And then I hide my true identity
    they stand right next to me don’t suspect a thing
    cause I’m protected head to toe in body armor
    inflatable suit treads unholy water
    Guarding my soul from the cheap low blows
    I keep a, keep a pocket shield cause ya cause ya never know
    How enemies react how they plan to attack
    In case they blast, I blast back
    Keep a helmet on my head so my skull won’t crack
    My ammunition just a bible in a black knapsack
    I lay low and wait for attack because I’m

    Ready for war, with him in my back court (back court yeah) I ain’t losing nothing
    (ready for war, I’m a soldier for Christ, and I’m ready for war)

    Verse 2
    Chameleon blending camouflaging my skin
    I’m like David in a battle I ain’t supposed to win
    I’m facing giants, lions, and warrior men
    All I got is me an a measly weapon
    Before the brawl I stop and give my father a call
    Let him know I’m standing firmly I ain’t willing to fall
    I’m feeling bigger than life like over ten feet tall
    But without his love I couldn’t do this at all
    I gotta fight no one could face this battle but me
    Any fight is worth the battle to live eternally
    A little scared my opponent is quite bigger than me
    a hundred of them they out numbering me
    my strategy hit em when the fog gets thick
    keep on moving hustle bustle get the job done quick
    that’s anything to keep me safe and avoid conflict
    but having faith in his power is the tip to the trick when it’s War


    Verse 3
    I got my mind right fatigues tight ready for war
    Bout to go and look for something never seen before
    It only creeps in the dark no flesh or no blood
    I stay low with the ammo crawl in the mud
    Fall back it’s an ambush on my knees gotta pray
    Gas mask breathing fast don’t hallucinate
    Too late I got hit below the breast plate
    I’m taking burdens how many can I take
    Toss bible verses from the black knapsack
    He’s closing in behind me falling right for the trap
    Well a come a get me what I’m right here
    With God on my side then whom shall I fear


    Alright enough talking let’s dance…

  5. Speakin' in Tongue
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    Verse 1
    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow…
    Everyday the sun gets up on its own
    Burns through the clouds rain moves along
    A rooster crows to let you know that it’s dawn
    Birds chirp it’s like we all gotta song
    Cuzz in a minute you gone hear me yawn
    Blink hear the cries of a mother’s newborn
    Or the quietness after a storm
    Shhh hear the wind rustling through the corn
    Interrupted by rush hour horns
    And loud music from a freshman dorm
    Steam from a shower that’s warm
    Ouch a papercut from a government form
    Drip drop a coffeepot in the morn
    A new beginning for a family that’s torn
    Getting right what you used to get wrong
    These are the things taken for granted as norm
    And when I think about it think on it long
    Some people say I am speaking in tongue

    Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow…

    Verse 2
    Ask the question are you really his son
    Then how can you be three people in one
    Can you believe and still have fun
    Or do you have to act holy and stuff
    On exactly what day will you come?
    Some people said you’d come in 2001
    Did you really heal the death, bilnd, and dumb
    Would you forgive me if I murder someone
    Is there a heaven when it’s all said and done
    Or do we just get old and rotten
    Can you tell me what’s the point of livin
    When death claims the lives of millions
    And they say that you know every one
    From the hairs on their heads to what tribe they’re from
    Questions I got many questions
    When I try to answer I’m speaking in tongue


    Look at the sky it’s so blue
    Look at the love inside you
    Look at all he can do

    Wow, it’s so amazing, it’s so amazing, it’s so amazing
    Repeat Verse 1
  6. Give God the Glory
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    Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show my name is Kelly Glow and uh
    I decided to let my light shine so that others can see God’s good work in me
    It doesn’t matter if you’re this or that or if you don’t even like rap
    Just join me on this lyrical journey

    Oooh ,oooh, oooh, oooh (repeat)
    Abc, to the to the the to the the, 123 haha ha ha
    You can be just like me abc rocking to this beat

    Verse 1
    A- Spirit gets in ya like ya throat with Adam’s apple
    B- He’s coming for ya get ya gear prepare for battle
    C- I’m moving masses like cowboys move cattle
    D- You sing my song like debadebadeba dabble
    E- Just wait your turn his love is everlasting
    F- You’re never hungry like a Muslim when he’s fasting
    G- Full tank God never runs outta gases
    H- A mystery you try to figure out what happen
    I- To me it’s useless like a bic without the ink
    J- You’re superstitious and you think that I’m ya jinx
    K- Your life is nappy he can press out the kinks
    L- And keep you connected like a pack of hot links


    Verse 2
    M- Your lost life seems to be the motivation
    N- On point with my spiritual navigation
    O- On time cause the rhymes my occupation
    P- My sign on bonus is crowd participation
    Q- You try to catch me like a cheetah I’m too quick
    R- You gone need stiches when I’m done because I rip
    S- Everywhere I guess that means I mad sporadic
    T- So peep the combat is soldier for Christ tactics
    U- You know I’m famous from this planet to Uranus
    V- Some think I’m a god like Isis, Ra, or Venus
    W- No you need endurance I’m bond to make you weary
    X- A word for me would have to be "xtraordinary"
    Y- No more with this yackety yack
    Put ya hands in the sky if you wanna do that
    It’s like abc yeah you know me ooh 123


    Verse 3
    D- Delivery like UPS I’m on time
    I- Illusionistic turning grape juice to wine
    F- Free to be only what God chose for me
    F- Fulfill his plan forget my own fantasy
    E- Everything has two side like a quarter
    R- Revenge is sweet if you want global disorder
    E- Epiphany inscribe a new revelation
    N- Notice the truth in three of three situations
    C- Compare the battle between man and his mind
    E- Explain the difference to the rest of mankind
    When I abc it’s like 123 yeah you know me


    Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh
    Somebody say God is real, say God is real, say God is real
    But do you really feel me do you really really feel me
    Cause if you really feel me, you would feel me really really
    But do you really feel me do you really really feel me
    Cause if you really feel me, you would say
    God is real, God is real, God is real like abc

  7. Christ the King
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    Verse 1
    Hey hey hey
    gather round me lend me ya hear
    for a bit of information you need to hear
    jump up stand up the man in the pulpit
    is he a man of God or just a puppet
    Blessing of God don’t come with a price tag
    he’s pulling fake miracles outta his trick bag
    abusin the word and you can't even tell that
    he turned ya money into a new Cadillac
    the love of money is the root of all evil
    but there's hell to pay if you cheat God's people

    money hungry wanna be sanctified
    some are hypocrites filled with lies
    the gates of hell are open wide
    there's only one to be glorified

    Christ the King, Christ the King, Christ the King
    yeah, yeah, yeah say it with me now
    Christ the King, Christ the King, Christ the King
    yeah, yeah, yeah, a little louder now
    Christ the King, Christ the King, Christ the King
    yeah, yeah, yeah, everybody now
    Christ the King, Christ the King, Christ the King

    Verse 2
    On a Sunday never on a Monday
    they'll lock the doors just to get ya money
    the more you give he said the lord will bless us
    as he drives by in a new Lexus
    saints of God is what you've been told
    Jack leg preachers only want control
    they want ya money and not ya soul
    heed the word you reap what you sow
  8. Freaka for Jesus
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    Verse 1
    Can you handle this, are you down with this
    Can you handle this, are you down with this
    Hands up raise up Jesus, hands up praise up Jesus, hands up freed up what
    KG Kelly Glow that’s my name I’m keeping it real staying true to the game
    I’m a freaka for Jesus doing my thing and I’m taking it serious
    People think something is wrong with me but that’s the way that I chose to be
    Don’t you wanna freak, freak with me
    I was bond by the law but now I’m free it took a minute but now I see
    This Jesus thing is really real to me
    So you can keep ya gold chrome platinum ride
    Your bottles of bubbly chillin on ice
    Your fancy jewelry that’s over priced
    Creepin on a come up with your blood shot eyes
    With ya gold teeth all stuck in ya grill
    You couldn’t buy this happiness that I feel
    It may look good and it may sound nice but
    Ya don’t you care how you live your life
    Would ya be ready if you died tonight
    Huh hands up raise up Jesus what
    Hands up raise up Jesus (repeat)
    I’m a freaka for Jesus, I’m a freaka for Jesus
    Everybody freak, freak, freak freak
    Right now you’re listening to the sounds of risen
    We came to show you how to use what you’ve been given
    So just jam as I introduce the band
    First up is Brother Willy the wise man…


    That’s right you know we keeping it tight next up is Frankie J


    We’re gonna move this across the continent next up is Prophet


    Alright it’s time to act like you know, everybody here’s Joe

    A freak freak yall and you don’t stop, a freak freak yall and you don’t quit
    Yeah yeah keep freaking yall

Album Description

Ready for War is the debut album for Kelly Glow. Released in 2002, it was an experimental project slightly ahead of its time featuring faith-based rap lyrics over live band instrumentals. Under the vision and direction of emcee Kelly Glow, several musicians from East Cleveland came together to create a unique sound they called “hip rock.’ Hip Rock is a rare, hypnotic fusion of high-energy Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul and Funk music created for the glory of God. The album features Carl Gamble on keyboard, Sam Wilson on drums, Prophet on bass guitar, Willie Johnson on lead guitar and sultry vocals by Divina Maxine. In addition, there are guest musician appearances by Frankey Franklin, Joe Rohan, and Fred Patton. Whether you swoon to the melodic sounds of “Only One for Me” head bang to the punk rock vibes of “Christ the King” or swing to the jazzy grooves of “Freaka for Jesus” you’ll feel inspired to join the light movement.


Written and produced by Kelly “Glow” Williams
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tyler at Closer Look Studios Cleveland, Ohio
Art Direction: Chris Wilson & William Beachy for Go Media
© 2002 Kelly Glow Entertainment, LLC

Album Review

Elements of jazz, rock, hip-hop and R&B characterize the electric, eclectic music by multitalented gospel rapper Kelly Glow whose ministry gift has enabled her to travel throughout the US inspiring young people, particularly, to live righteously for Christ. Her debut full-length album, Ready for War, was released in 2002 and fans of positive, faith-based lyrical content interspersed with funky, smooth beats and live instrumentation are certainly in for a treat.
All eight tracks on the album can stand on their own, yet when combined make for a dynamic body of work. “Ready for War” is not only the album title, but also a featured song that highlights the message of Ephesians 6, the Biblical spiritual warfare chapter. Lyrics like ready for war with him in my back court I ain’t losing nothing (ready for war, I’m a soldier for Christ and I’m ready for war) showcase the victory guaranteed to those equipped with spiritual armor.
In the “Only One for Me” Glow recalled how she fell in love with her one and only Jesus Christ, a testament to her relationship with the Second Adam, the ultimate love affair that knows no divorce. Then she challenged the prosperity gospel phenomenon in songs like “Christ the King” with potent lyrical content: Jack leg preachers only want control, they want ya money and not ya soul, heed the word you reap what you sow.
Glow’s rap style is somewhat reminiscent of the late emcee Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from the best-selling hip-hop girl group of the 90s, TLC. With her mature, distinct and acrobatic vocal ability, Glow snatches the listener’s attention and hooks her audience with words and melodies that arouse rhapsody in the heart. “ABC – Give God the Glory” is one such song in that Glow performed the entire piece as an acrostic, each letter of the alphabet depicted with a significant rhythmic counterpart. Not to mention the song’s catchy hook and snazzy intro/outro vibe.
The futuristic sound of Ready for War makes it a timeless masterpiece to be appreciated by generations to come. Two popular genres of music, rock and hip hop [now known as HipRock], cherished by Glow have been brilliantly intertwined on this CD. Her band’s musical chemistry epitomizes this artistic marriage of genres all within the context of Matthew 5:16 (letting your light shine before the world that it may be drawn to the Savior). Go get the album today! Charles McKinney