Back to My Future

Kelly Glow's Album Back to my Future


  1. God is Calling You Featuring Pamela “Rare Epiphany” Best & DJ Tone Fresh Based on 1 Corinthians 1:25-26
  2. Money & Power Based on 1 Timothy 6:10
  3. Rise Together Featuring Justin of Levytation Music Based on Jeremiah 49:14
  4. Shake Em Down Based on Proverbs 9:8
  5. Doin' Based on Matthew 25:31-33
  6. Show Me The Way Featuring Pamela “Rare Epiphany” Best Based on John 11:25
  7. Anything is Possible Based on Mark 9:23, Mark 12:30
  8. Glow Based on John 1:5
  9. Holy Fire (Remix) Based on the Apostle’s Creed
  10. Nervy Based on Galatians 3:26


Executive Producer: Mr. Eli
All lyrics written by: Kelly Glow
All music produced by: Eric “Mr. Excitement” Mims of F.O.A.B. Productions except Track #2 Produced by: Joe Gus of Nomineez Music Group
Tracks #3,6 Recorded & Mixed by Deshaun Glam
Track #3 Mixed by Kareem “K-Boog” Mills
Tracks #1,2,4,5,7,8,9,10 Recorded & Mixed by Don Bugatti
Mastered by RRFC L.A. Center Studios
Cover Art by: Go Media
Graphics by Wickad Designs
Kelly Glow Entertainment, LLC © 2015

Album Reviews

Kelly Glow does it again. She is back with another studio album. This project is called Back to my Future and it includes 10 tracks that all tie in with a Biblical passage. Glow’s father, a minister of the gospel, assisted her with the album title, inspired by her long hiatus from the Holy Hip Hop scene. Having taken time away from making music to focus on other pursuits, Glow realized that she had something unique to offer to this often underrated yet unprecedented genre of music. “When I started doing this over ten years ago, I was part of pioneering the current wave of Christian Hip Hop,” said Glow. “I was the future, a hope for what God could do with Hip Hop.”

Every song on the CD will not only tickle your ears with fresh, cutting edge beats, but these songs will stimulate your mind, raising you to a higher plateau of spirituality. A profound lyricist and emcee, Glow challenges her listeners to trust in God wholeheartedly as heard in “Anything is Possible”; she holds nothing back about the current state of Hollywood superstardom and pop culture’s fascination with “the lust of the eyes, the flesh and the pride of life” in her song “Money and Power.” Then Glow teaches us how to deal with the inevitable naysayers we encounter in “Haters” when she says they can’t steal my joy [or] kill my confidence. When we know who we are in Christ, we can live life calmly and godly without letting the “hateration” even get to us.

The highly anticipated release of Back to my Future is reflected on Glow’s updated website which encompasses her musical repertoire. She provided the lyrics and Scriptural references for all of the tracks to her discography. A few collaborations on the new album gave it that extra flair of hotness. Ms. Pamela of “Rare Epiphany” sang the hook on “God is Calling You” and “Show me the Way” while Justin of “Levytation Music” was featured on “Rise Together.” No doubt this body of work embodies versatility from the production to the lyrical delivery to the content. It will make you think, get “jiggy” with it and, most of all, build your faith with sound doctrine that pulls no punches. “Making songs guided by Scripture,” as Glow stated, has always remained at the heart of her ministry.

No longer on sabbatical, this gifted holy hip hopper has returned to what she’s been anointed and appointed to do: minister the Good News through Christian (H)igher (I)nfinite (P)ower (H)ealing (O)ur (P)eople. And that she does oh so well! Please support this talented young “Renaissance woman” of God by purchasing the album.

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