Ready for War

Kelly Glow - Ready for War


  1. Only 1 For Me
  2. Think It Over
  3. Right or Wrong
  4. Ready for War
  5. Speakin' in Tongue
  6. Give God the Glory
  7. Christ the King
  8. Freaka for Jesus

Album Description

Ready for War is the debut album for Kelly Glow. Released in 2002, it was an experimental project slightly ahead of its time featuring faith-based rap lyrics over live band instrumentals. Under the vision and direction of emcee Kelly Glow, several musicians from East Cleveland came together to create a unique sound they called “hip rock.’ Hip Rock is a rare, hypnotic fusion of high-energy Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul and Funk music created for the glory of God. The album features Carl Gamble on keyboard, Sam Wilson on drums, Prophet on bass guitar, Willie Johnson on lead guitar and sultry vocals by Divina Maxine. In addition, there are guest musician appearances by Frankey Franklin, Joe Rohan, and Fred Patton. Whether you swoon to the melodic sounds of “Only One for Me” head bang to the punk rock vibes of “Christ the King” or swing to the jazzy grooves of “Freaka for Jesus” you’ll feel inspired to join the light movement.


Written and produced by Kelly “Glow” Williams
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tyler at Closer Look Studios Cleveland, Ohio
Art Direction: Chris Wilson & William Beachy for Go Media
© 2002 Kelly Glow Entertainment, LLC

Album Reviews

Elements of jazz, rock, hip-hop and R&B characterize the electric, eclectic music by multitalented gospel rapper Kelly Glow whose ministry gift has enabled her to travel throughout the US inspiring young people, particularly, to live righteously for Christ. Her debut full-length album, Ready for War, was released in 2002 and fans of positive, faith-based lyrical content interspersed with funky, smooth beats and live instrumentation are certainly in for a treat.

All eight tracks on the album can stand on their own, yet when combined make for a dynamic body of work. “Ready for War” is not only the album title, but also a featured song that highlights the message of Ephesians 6, the Biblical spiritual warfare chapter. Lyrics like ready for war with him in my back court I ain’t losing nothing (ready for war, I’m a soldier for Christ and I’m ready for war) showcase the victory guaranteed to those equipped with spiritual armor.

In the “Only One for Me” Glow recalled how she fell in love with her one and only Jesus Christ, a testament to her relationship with the Second Adam, the ultimate love affair that knows no divorce. Then she challenged the prosperity gospel phenomenon in songs like “Christ the King” with potent lyrical content: Jack leg preachers only want control, they want ya money and not ya soul, heed the word you reap what you sow.

Glow’s rap style is somewhat reminiscent of the late emcee Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez from the best-selling hip-hop girl group of the 90s, TLC. With her mature, distinct and acrobatic vocal ability, Glow snatches the listener’s attention and hooks her audience with words and melodies that arouse rhapsody in the heart. “ABC – Give God the Glory” is one such song in that Glow performed the entire piece as an acrostic, each letter of the alphabet depicted with a significant rhythmic counterpart. Not to mention the song’s catchy hook and snazzy intro/outro vibe.

The futuristic sound of Ready for War makes it a timeless masterpiece to be appreciated by generations to come. Two popular genres of music, rock and hip hop [now known as HipRock], cherished by Glow have been brilliantly intertwined on this CD. Her band’s musical chemistry epitomizes this artistic marriage of genres all within the context of Matthew 5:16 (letting your light shine before the world that it may be drawn to the Savior). Go get the album today!
Charles McKinney

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