Kelly Glow's Back to My Future is coming soon
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The highly anticipated, new Kelly Glow LP is set to be released on June 21, 2015. The album, entitled Back to My Future is a collection of old school vibes and futuristic fervor that only Kelly can deliver. It’s been 10 years since the debut release of Ready for War in which Kelly stepped away from music to accomplish other goals. Now she’s returned to settle some unfinished business. As Kelly Glow explains, Back to My Future is about me going back to complete the work that God had manifest in me as a Christian Hip Hop artist. It’s about taking my music ministry to the next level, moving forward toward the future but not forsaking my past. This album is a true testament to how God has kept his promises to me and how I continue to receive blessings by remaining committed to doing his will.”

“I love this project!” Kelly shares. “I love how I was able to pay homage to the artistry and ingenuity of Hip Hop culture by infusing remnants, artifacts, and lyrics of dynamic artists that I truly respect and admire throughout the entire album. I listen to Hip Hop all the time and many of those artists have directly influenced my creative voice. When I’m writing or freestyling, I automatically work in thoughts, images, and poetic nuances of other artists as well as invent my own. I hope that they can appreciate my efforts as a means of paying homage and respect to a musical genre and culture that I love so much. I mean if I take the time to put you in my rhyme, then that means that I think your work is dope and it deserves recognition. Also, as a student and preservationist of Hip Hop Kulture, it’s my way of introducing younger generations to some really great music that came before them. My performances have this unique way of bridging generational gaps; it’s like I can pull in the 7 year old, the 17 year old and the 70 year old, which in my opinion, is a beautiful thing.”

This album is a variety of musical treats produced entirely by Mr. Excitement of Fresh off a Break up Productions with the exception of the bonus track “Money & Power” which was produced by Joe Gus. Special guest appearance by spoken word artist Rare Epiphany brings a soothing, sultry flavor to the power ballad “Show me the Way.” In “Rise Together” you hear a classic R&B and Hip Hop styled collaboration between singer/songwriter Justin Levy and Kelly Glow. Whether it’s the soulful live band influenced track “God is Calling you”, the gritty, battle rhyme inspired track “Doin”, or the EDM styled club banger “Glow”, Back to my Future is sure to impress.

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