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ATLANTA, GA – Her name is Glow, and her music is all about keeping it lit. Kelly Glow is not a new artist on the scene, but her latest album “Fya” is a new sound and style from this amazing artist who has already made a name for herself in the industry. After spending some successful years within the Gospel genre, Kelly Glow is now exploring K-Pop and the fusion of Pop and Hip-Hop with her new project. Filled with upbeat dance music and energetic vibes, the album is pure fun with a heavy dose of adrenaline that proves the title of the album to be perfectly appropriate. 


The debut single from the project is “Pretty Girls Dance,” a hot track that showcases Glow’s abilities. This is a highly skilled talented musician who has honed her craft alongside the highest-level producers in the game, and is bringing those skills to a new sound in ways that are immediately engaging and off-the-charts energetic.


“I’ve always been a performing artist, and this single showcases my abilities in new ways,” she said. “It’s a song that highlights the type of girls who have a lot of confidence in themselves – the girls who work hard and exude beauty. It supports what they’re all about, while having a lot of fun along the way.”

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